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Never Tried Sand Blasting On Your Vehicle Before? Read This First!

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When your vehicle’s paint job starts to look worse for wear, you could be planning to get a new auto paint job to restore the pristine appearance it once had. However, the repainting of your car is not merely done over the old coat. The damaged coat needs to be eliminated to ensure the smooth application of the new coat. The removal is done by a process called sandblasting. If you have never tried sandblasting before and are unsure whether this process is going to damage your car, read on for a few of the things every newbie to sandblasting needs to know. Read More»

Panel Beating: Three Core Considerations for Repairing Your Damaged Vehicle

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Repairing your auto body immediately after an accident is a crucial process, even when the damage does not affect function significantly. In simple terms, if your vehicle’s body has sustained dents and scratches due to a road incident, you should have the components restored. The repair will help in protecting the resale value. In addition, dented cars and trucks are quite unattractive. Here are some crucial tips to keep in mind when dealing with auto body repairs. Read More»

Detailing Services That Could Be Included In Your Auto Insurance Repairs

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If you are a motorist, it is likely that you want to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible. However, whether you drive cross-country or locally, your car is bound to change with time due to daily use and exposure to the different road and weather conditions. As a result, you will find that the body starts to look dilapidated, the interiors dirty, and even your headlights could become hazy. Read More»