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Detailing Services That Could Be Included In Your Auto Insurance Repairs

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If you are a motorist, it is likely that you want to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible. However, whether you drive cross-country or locally, your car is bound to change with time due to daily use and exposure to the different road and weather conditions. As a result, you will find that the body starts to look dilapidated, the interiors dirty, and even your headlights could become hazy. While these changes do not constitute significant damages to the integrity of the car, they can make your vehicle lose its original lustre, and you may no longer take pride in its appearance. Fortunately, depending on your provider, your auto insurance repairs can include a range of car detailing services that will restore your car's appearance. Below are just a few of the detailing services that could be included in your auto insurance repairs.

Servicing the lights and the trim

Even when your car's lights are not broken, it is still crucial to pay some attention to them via auto detailing. Over time, both the trim and the lights can succumb to oxidisation. When you take your car to be detailed, the mechanics will embark on thoroughly cleaning these components to restore their previous shine. This process is then concluded with the application of a sealant that functions to protect them from premature oxidisation.

Scrubbing of the wheels and chassis

When you clean your vehicle on your own, chances are you focus on the body and the windows. But what about what is underneath? The chassis and the wheels tend to be the dirtiest parts of the car since they are in constant exposure to the ground. During auto detailing, the mechanic will scrub all the grime from the chassis. Once this is done, they will scrub the wheel wells and the tyres to get rid of compacted dirt. After the wash and thorough scrubbing, the mechanic will then apply a coating to protect these components from cracking.

Detailing of the paint

Without a doubt, your vehicle's paint job is the first thing that grabs people attention when they see your car. Nonetheless, with time, you will notice the paint job is steadily veering away from its initial appeal. During car detailing, the mechanic will offer you an extensive range of services to restore your paint job. For instance, if the paint is worse for wear and needs redoing, you can have the car sandblasted and coated with a fresh new layer of paint. Alternatively, if your paint job only has minor scuffs and scratches, the detailing process will entail cleaning, waxing and polishing of the vehicle's body.