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Things You Should Do While Waiting for Windscreen Repairs

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If you own a vehicle, you will probably require windscreen repairs at one time or another. From projectile pebbles, while driving on the road to heavy twigs falling onto your parked car, there is a myriad of risks that your windscreen is exposed to. However, when you acquire a chipped or cracked windscreen, some people may opt to wait until they are financially stable to pay for the repairs. Depending on how the extensive the damage is, you may even need a replacement. Read More»

Questions You Might Have When Your Car Needs Insurance Repairs

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If your car needs repairs that are covered by insurance, you might have a few important questions that need answering before deciding on a mechanic and letting their work begin. There may also be details about getting insurance repairs that are confusing to you, as this process is different than taking your car to a mechanic for standard repair work. Even though you may be eager to get your car back on the road as quickly as possible, ensuring you have all needed information from the insurance company will mean knowing what to expect by way of reimbursements and costs to you. Read More»