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3 Reasons to Have Your Car Professionally Spray Painted

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While you can spray paint your car yourself, this isn't necessarily a good idea. For the best results, it pays to take your car to a spray painting specialist and to let them do the job. What are the benefits of leaving this job to the professionals?

1. Get Advice on Paint Types

Auto paints aren't all the same. Your first job is to choose the right type of paint to get the finish you want. This isn't always easy if you haven't spray painted a car before.

For example, you might not be sure whether to choose a regular acrylic, urethane, water-based or enamel paint or whether to go with a hybrid product. Each paint has its own pros and cons; the finish you get depends on the paint you choose.

Plus, if you decide to do this job yourself, you might be tempted to go with the paint that seems easiest to apply. While this makes sense, it could also mean that you won't get the finish you want if you would only get that from a paint with a more complex application process.

Professional spray painters can help you negotiate this decision-making process. They will find out how you want your car to look and recommend the best paint for the job. You don't have to worry about applying it, as they'll do that job for you.

2. Get a Showroom Finish

You take a bit of risk if you spray paint your own car without any previous experience. If you don't get even and complete coverage, then your paint job could look amateurish. You could be left with streaks and drips on your bodywork that just don't look good.

Truth is, you're more likely to make mistakes here than to get a perfect finish first time, especially if you choose a paint that is harder to apply. If you hand your vehicle over to a spray painting shop, then they will produce a high-quality, error-free and professional finish that makes your car look like new again.

3. Avoid Equipment Costs

If you spray paint your own car, then you'll need to invest in equipment as well as paint. This isn't as simple as buying a few brushes. You'll need some professional kits here such as specialist spray guns. You'll also have to buy your own paint.

You don't need any equipment if you have a professional spray paint. Your shop has all the equipment they need to do the job. They can buy their paints at wholesale prices, saving you some money on the overall cost of the job.

To find out more, contact local car spray painting shops and ask their advice.