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4 Questions to Address Before Selling Your Old Vehicle to an Auto Wrecker

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There is no need to leave an old vehicle on your property when you can sell it to auto wreckers. Wrecking yards buy junk cars, salvage the usable parts and resell them to other vehicle owners. If your car is in good condition or has valuable components, you can make a decent amount of money from the sale. However, before choosing an auto wrecker to work with, there are four crucial questions you should address to ensure a smooth experience.

Where is the wrecking yard located?

Vehicle owners can explore different options when selling junk cars. You can check online for auto wrecking yards or physically visit the yards. However, note that the location of the wrecking yard can impact your experience. Find a wrecker within your city whenever possible.

How much money is your car worth?

Different auto wreckers may offer varying quotations for your vehicle. The value of the car will depend on various factors such as its physical condition, the weight of the scrap metal and much more. Before delivering your vehicle to a wrecker, you should know how much to expect from the transaction. 

Most auto wreckers will ask for photos and detailed descriptions of the car to assess its value. However, they may offer a lower price upon seeing the vehicle. Therefore, arrange for the auto wrecker to make a physical visit, inspect the vehicle, and offer a quotation. If you don't like their offer, shop around for a better price.

How long will the process take?

Car wrecking should be a fast and straightforward process. All the company needs to do is verify that you are the owner of the car. Therefore, as long as you have the logbook, registration documents and maintenance receipts for the vehicle, the process should not take long. Some wreckers may need a few days to verify pertinent information before paying the sellers. Others offer cash immediately after the exchange. Find out how long the process will take to avoid unnecessary inconveniences and follow-ups.

Will you incur any expenses?

Ask your auto wrecker about any expenses that may result from the transaction. For example, if the wrecker offers junk car removal services, they may charge you for towing. If the distance between your home and the wrecking yard is far, the towing expenses can significantly decrease your profits. Therefore, keep this in mind when choosing an auto wrecker.

Address the above issues when choosing a wrecking yard for your junk car. Choose the wrecker that offers the best price for your old vehicle.