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Have you thought about using a spray painting company?

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If your car or van needs to be repaired following a smash then there are several things that you need to consider. Your first consideration will probably be to find a competent repair shop who you can trust to make the appropriate mechanical repairs using manufacturer-approved parts. Once you are confident that your chosen company can carry out the mechanical repairs you must consider whether they are the right company to repair the paint finish on your vehicle.

Why spray painting matters

Having a car that is in great mechanical shape is important but painting your vehicle not only helps it to look great but also acts as a protective layer which preserves the metalwork from environmental damage. To find the right business to undertake spray painting it is important to consider the facilities which the company has available for their work.

What to look for in a spray painting company

The quality of a finished spray painting will depend on two main factors. The standard of the completed bodywork on your vehicle and the preparatory work completed before the painting is started. Before you allow any company to start spray painting your vehicle, you must find out how seriously they take spray painting and what steps they have taken to ensure that the finished paint job will be flawless.

The painting environment

Knowing where the spray painting will take place is key to knowing what the quality of the paint job will be. Spray painting is best carried out in a dust-free environment, ideally one which is climate controlled to ensure that the greatest possible paint adhesion is achieved. Dust and debris is the enemy of any spray painting company, and a good spray painting company will be happy to explain the air filtering procedures they have in place to eliminate dust contamination while painting is taking place.

What type of paint?

The quality of the paint used will always have an impact on the final appearance of the painted vehicle. If you have any concerns, then it is worth asking to see samples of the type of paint that will be used so that you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the completed paintwork. You can also ask them whether they normally use solvent-based or water-based paint. While both are normally equal in quality the environmental impact of solvent-based paint is greater, talk to the paint company to find out more.

For more information, reach out to a spray painting service.