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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Paintless Dent Repair

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Paintless dent repair is a type of process used by body shop professionals or panel beaters so that the paint of a car isn't damaged when a dent is fixed. This can be a good choice for many car owners, as it offers some advantages over standard panel beating or body work. Note some questions you might have about paintless dent repair and then discuss these with your repairperson if you still need more information on the process.

1. Why choose paintless dent repair?

If you've had a custom paint job done on your vehicle, it may be difficult to find that same paint in order to touch up your car after it's been repaired with drilling or sanding. Additionally, paintless dent repair involves massaging the skin or body of the car underneath the surface in order to remove the dent, so there is no use of fillers, bonding agents, and the like. This can mean a stronger body and frame of the car overall, and a repair job that may last longer as you don't need to worry about fillers losing their adhesion over time.

2. Does paintless dent repair damage the paint?

Note that most paints used on today's cars are meant to be very flexible so that they can be bumped and massaged without showing any damage. They are less likely to chip and fleck away than paints used many years ago, so paintless dent repair can often make your car's paint job look like there was never any damage done in the first place.

3. Can all dents be fixed with paintless dent repair?

Only a panel beater or body shop repairperson can tell you if a certain dent can be fixed with paintless dent repair, but note that some very deep dents and dings may be too big to fix with this method. If the paint has been scraped away in a collision, it will need to be touched up no matter the type of repair you get; at the same time, most smaller dents and scratches on a car's body can be fixed with paintless dent repair quickly and easily.

4. Do the dents come back?

Paintless dent repair should last as long as any other dent repair; the dents don't simply fold back on themselves after a time, even though they aren't usually beaten out or punched out as forcefully as other types of dents. Paintless dent repair can then make your car look like new again without any worry of the repair not lasting over time. For more information, talk to a professional like Northside Smash Repairs.