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Why Have a Professional Handle Your Vehicle's Smash Repairs After a Collision?

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If your car has been in a collision, you may be tempted to handle your own smash repairs. There are kits you can buy for repainting the body of the car and tools you can rent to bump out dents and dings, but even so, there are some very good reasons to consider having a professional handle smash repairs for you. Note a few of those reasons here so you can make the best choice for yourself if you're ever in an accident.

1. Finding deeper damage

When your vehicle has been in a collision, it's easy to think that the body of the car is the only thing that's been damaged, if it's the only thing you see with a dent or ding. However, underneath the hood or behind that damage, parts may have been knocked loose, connectors holding hoses to certain parts may have been compromised or the hoses may have become split, you may have had a fluid leak because of the collision, and so on. A smash repair shop can inspect everything that may have been affected by the collision and ensure your car is safe to drive, not just looking good.

2. Getting OEM parts

Original equipment manufacturer or OEM parts are those made by the car manufacturer for that car in particular. When you handle your own smash repairs and need to replace any parts, you may not be able to get certain OEM parts as they may only be available to dealers and repair shops. Not using the right parts can mean compromising the strength of your car's frame and body, or the performance of those parts under the hood. To ensure the right parts and only high-quality parts are used, it's best to leave smash repairs to a certified, qualified shop.

3. Insurance paperwork

A smash repair shop can usually help you with the insurance paperwork needed to get reimbursed by your insurance carrier, or to get paid by the insurance company of another driver. Trying to sort through this paperwork can be a challenge and you may allow an insurance company to refuse to reimburse you because you don't know how to negotiate the cost of repairs with them, or they may not reimburse you at all if you handle these repairs on your own. To avoid this hassle and inconvenience, work with a smash repair shop so they can handle the insurance paperwork and everything else that's needed to get reimbursed.